The Ship’s Management


    At the beginning the Serenité was only a dream of two dedicated ship’s professionals. There was the captain, who, for a great many years, had safely steered large river boats on the European rivers. And there was the hotel manager whose workplace had been elegant and luxurious small cruise ships sailing the oceans. Both had almost done their utmost to ensure the satisfaction of the guests, but they thought it could be done more pefectly if they had their own boat. Even- tually their dream came true. A fine river boat was built, one whose measurements would allow them to sail most of Europe’s small canals and rivers. Since April 2001 the Serenité sails these scenic waterways mostly in Germany and France.


 Georg Ebert, the Captain


    Georg Ebert, originally from Erlenbach/ Main, river captain. He spent most of his life time on the ships of the well-known Köln-Düsseldorfer shipping company and on the River Cloud of Hamburg based Sea Cloud Cruises. Now sailing his own boat he does not like to be called captain anymore. He is just Georg, the captain and the mate, the engineer and the carpenter, responsible for almost everything on board.



 Rita Medoev, the Ship’s Manager


    Rita Medoev, originally from Lörrach, trained in tourism and hotel business. She worked in England, France, Norway and Kenya, speaks five languages. She spent many years as purser and hotel manager on well-known cruise ships as Vistafjord and Sea Goddess. On River Cloud she experienced the delight of cruising rivers versus oceans. Now she manages her own boat and takes care of all guest related matters.