Passing Trévoux along the river Rhône.



    The restaurant with a view and a nice table culture.



    Fresh herbs are cruising along.



    Daily a delightful 5 course menu.



    The ship’s owners like moorings in the open countryside.



    Swan’s greetings throuhg the porthole.



    Nothing to miss in the 6 comfortable cabins.



    The most elegant shower bath.



    Along the Rhine-Marne-Canal through Alsace Lorraine.



    Paris (Arc de Triomphe), a favourite port of call.



    Berlin, along the river Spree through the government quarter.



    Along the river Neckar.



    Cocktail hour with background.



    Farewell from the town of Aschaffenburg on the river Main.



    Fun in the whirlpool.



    Idyllic mooring.